Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Let's fix stupid (updated)

All I can say is holy F#%@! Check out this video that was shot in Ohio. Pay particular attention to the blond woman that you see in the preview screenshot.

I'm not sure which is worse: the ignorance or the barely veiled racism. If the McCain/Palin campaign has any sense of decency, they would address this garbage from their "base" of support. Unfortunately, McCain's only chance of winning this thing is to continue to cast Obama as scary and dangerous. It's not like they are winning on the issues or via the debates.

I am particularly amused by the intelligence-challenged people who are attacking the Senator's name. But for a compromise between my parents, my name would have been Xavier Xerxes.


h/t to blogger interrupted and DKos diarist ves man.

Update: Final thought. Let's get out the vote, elect Obama, and show these people that they are wrong about him. Try not to gloat too much on Nov. 5.

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American Girl said...

Well, thanks a lot for that, Chris. I can now replace yesterday's economic blues with terrible thought of these people voting against their own best interests.

McCain has no honor left and I doubt Palin ever had any. To allow these whisper campaigns is dangerous and does a great disservice to America.

Thanks, for posting this. I'll be swiping it.

I know what ACORN is and I heard about Barack Obama in 2003.