Friday, October 10, 2008

Found another one and some inspiration (updated)

I really hoped that my previous post was simply an isolated incident. Turns out, not so much. This one is from Keystone Progress via DKos commenter degringolade. Caution. This may make you ill.

Here's an open question. Which comment is more ignorant? Would it be the nauseating "terrorist" thing. Or would it be the crowd suggesting the Obama supporters "get a job" after W., McCain, et al tossed the world's economy into the toilet. Maybe it is my favorite: the guy who is all riled up about ACORN, but who cannot even tell us what what that organization does nor realizes that Obama's only association with that group was to (successfully) represent them in a court case.

I am pretty devastated that this is happening in my home state.

I am renewing my last challenge. Let's fix stupid by electing Obama and a Democratic majority and showing these people that we can turn this country around and even benefit their lives. Catch more flies with honey?

One more quick thing. Please visit my online friend, Sarah. I'm sure she would appreciate it.


Update: I have been posting these horrific videos. Before we all come down with an irreversible case of political depression, I am posting this video. If the last video made you puke, this one will make you weep.


Jenn said...

I guess I'm not terribly surprised that some from our state are spewing this maniacal crap. However, I am ENRAGED that the McCain Campaign has sunk so low as to incite people to the point of violence. So...a McCain administration would be synonymous with misinformation, slander, and mob rule...that never really works out well for anyone, right? The thing that gives me a semblance of hope is the stark contrast represented by the protesters across the street...they are relaxed, humorous, and...intelligent.. Imagine that...

American Girl said...

Ooh, you're sweet giving me a plug and all.

I don't think McCain will ever earn back the respect he's lost over this smear campaign.