Sunday, May 11, 2008

Is she really going out with him?

I was for Mike Gravel before I was for Barack Obama. Now I'm back to undecided and it looks like Obama Girl is wavering, too. Check out Mike's lobbing effort to the folks at Barely Political. This video is probably not safe for work unless the boss has a good sense of humor.

I'm impressed that any politician is willing to learn the Soulja Boy Dance for a Youtube video. Maybe this will put Gravel in the driver's seat for the Libertarian nomination. The Liberations will nominate someone to run for president at their May 25 convention. Both the Libertarians and Democrats are meeting in Denver this year. The Democrats will need a little more room which means the Libertarians will go largely ignored by the media.

We media consumers are fortunate, though to have thorough coverage of this rapidly developing non-story from Fox "News" channel. Check it out:

Check out how Cavuto talks over Gravel on almost every statement. Notice how at the end, Cavuto won't even acknowledge Gravel's talk of possibly even *gasp* winning the election. Meanwhile, Cavuto does not interrupt Amber at any point in the clip. Regardless of the presentation, this important story is getting the coverage it deserves. *snark*

Gravel has had my support since it dawned on me that he was the guy who read the Pentagon Papers into the Congressional record. At least he gets credit for helping to end one bad war. Unfortunately, he probably won't get a chance to help end the Iraq War.

Check out who wrote the forward. And yes, Citizen Nader is running for President again. My prediction: If Gravel secures the nomination, he will pull more support than Nader.


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Actively support a real Maverick on a Mission -- to empower the American people. Imagine what a Gravel Administration can do in one term and then work to make it happen!