Friday, March 28, 2008

Bye, Mike

The field of major party candidates for President of the United States is officially down to four as of today. Former Senator Mike Gravel all but conceded defeat in the Democratic primaries as he announced his decision to register as a Libertarian. We are now down to Clinton, McCain, and Obama (in alphabetical order). Paging Ron Paul?

The good news is that the fight for the Libertarian Party nomination could make for some good distraction from the actual race. Paul does have a Libertarian streak in him and made a strong showing in at least one Super Tuesday state (it was Montana). On the other hand, me and Gravel's 12,435 Myspace (owned by NewsCorp) friends are pulling for him.

This could turn out to be a fun and pointless version of the Democratic nomination fight. I can't wait for the media to ignore it.


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