Thursday, September 18, 2008

For fanboys and geeks only

This is basically and inside joke for anyone who is both a geek and a political junkie. Mightygodking has boiled this entire political season down to a simple set of Magic: The Gathering cards. And the gods bless him for it. Here is my favorite (because MSNBC finally gave her a show):

Now, if they would only give the same billing to Vampire: The Eternal Struggle. Maybe that's asking too much.

The rest of the set is definitely worth it. I snorted beer through my nose at the "Ron Paul" card. Another good one is the Freeper holding a sign reading "Get a brain! Morans." I think he meant to tell us Lefties to "get a brain, morons." I might be wrong, though. Those of us with an education might be too intelligent to understand that the Republicans know how to run this country.

btw: The New York Giants borrowed some of their money to build a new stadium from Lehman Brothers. That went well. Bonus: McCain was for deregulation before he was against it. Also, check out this video. Try to spot Obama making a funny:


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hij said...

Rachel Maddow is definitely "Secret Fantasy Girlfriend" for me!

Oh, I guess that means it's not a secret? I'm sure it would have been guessable anyway.