Saturday, June 14, 2008

McCain and the promise of a sex-free America

Via Brave New Films, we present a glimpse into the alternate universe of a John McCain presidency. While comedic in its presentation, this film is supposedly based directly on Senator McCain's record on reproductive rights.

This video focuses on McCain's view that health insurance companies should not have to cover birth control for women. The implication, of course, is that young folks should not have sex until marriage and then only to reproduce. If you do knock boots, the government is not going to lift a finger to help you avoid an unintentional pregnancy, my friends. This from a guy who dumped his first wife after a disfiguring accident to marry this woman. (In fairness, the first Mrs. McCain still *hearts* the ex.)

For more about the Arizona Senator's 19th century stance on all things carnal, check out Brave New Film's youtube site. There you can learn about his views on abortion (overturn Roe v. Wade) and sex education (abstinence only, darn it).

While I'm on the subject, here's a cold, hard fact. Teenagers are going to have sex, no matter how many purity rings kids wear or creepy father-daughter dances are held. Teens need to hear about sex and need access to birth control. The logic is simple: kids need to know how to "do it" correctly or they will do it incorrectly on their own. However, "doing it" incorrectly is actually more likely to result in the quarterback knocking up the cheerleader (as happened in my cliche of a high school) because any contraceptive education probably came from classmates rather than someone who might actually have the correct information.

Teenage parents generally have a lower standard of living because 1) they have to work to support the young 'uns rather than finish college or even high school and 2) their best years -- their early 20s -- are spent raising children rather than raising hell. Therefore it is irresponsible to withhold birth control and a proper sex education from from women and teenage girls. Moreover, I am pro-choice because, as a male, it is ultimately not my decision to make.

Besides, there is probably nothing worse than discovering your mate is horrible in bed on your wedding night of all times. Personally, this is information that I want to have before entering into a life-time commitment.

When it come right down to it, McCain and his (male) GOP cronies think they know what is best for women, largely because of their interpretation of scripture. Therefore, it is remarkable that he has any support among females, particularly the Hillary supporters who now claim they will vote for the decidedly not feminist McCain. Don't do that!


Update: Here are a tongue-in-cheek, but scarily close to the truth, McCain Loyalty Oaths for gays, women and straight white men. h/t to Feministing for the initial tip.

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