Thursday, May 15, 2008

Let's (not) talk about the "S"word

I love California. On the same day, we have a (probably temporary) victory for equal rights in the state supreme court’s decision to overturn the ban on same-sex marriage. This is problematic because it actually benefits those who are insecure in their own sexuality those who find non-traditional sex so repulsive they want to put a stop to it legislatively.

The California Supreme Court actually overturned a voter sponsored referendum. If the sexually repressed socially conservative folks of California would like, they are welcome to vote for a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. That’ll show ‘em. This country has a long and (dis)honorable history of keeping the minorities down. If they got the referendum passed, they have a pretty good shot at passing a constitutional amendment. That just might get the social conservatives to the polls this November which means…Uhhggg. Sigh. Trying not to think about it…

At least the Governator isn’t too concerned about making this an issue.

Anyway, leave it to California. On the same day, this issue *ahem* popped up. Some California lawmakers also want to spank the porn industry with a 25 percent tax, which will only encourage them to move elsewhere. I would certainly pull out.

As long as the topic is sex, here’s a little flashback. The military has been under fire (what an asinine media cliché, all things considered) for allowing the PX to sell, of all things, Playboy. This doesn’t add up. We are dealing with a two front war that is only half justified and the biggest problem the military is dealing with is whether or not an officer may purchase a nudie mag? Be happy that Playgirl is not the biggest seller at the PX. And believe it or not, a porn ban might actually HURT morale.

Imagine that.


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