Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dude, where's my pig?

This story is from the “okay, sometimes sh*t happens” file.

Roger Waters did his best for the good guys at last weekend’s Coachella Music Festival. Waters spray-painted the legendary inflatable pig with the slogans “fear builds walls” and “don’t be led to the slaughter.” On the underside was an explicit endorsement of Senator Obama.

On point one, Waters is right. Fear builds walls. Consider this:

Exhibit A: The Berlin Wall (fear of capitalism freedom)
Exhibit B: Israel’s Wall (fear of freedom fighters terrorism err…a whole population of people who have a legitimate grievance against the only democracy in the Middle East)
Exhibit C: America’s Southern wall (fear of fear of losing jobs brown people)
Exhibit D: Pink Floyd’s The Wall (fear of the Rest of the World)

On point two, we have already been led to the slaughter...twice. Let’s not make it thrice.

Back to the show in California…According to all reports, Rogers was great. Unfortunately, the biggest problem with giant inflatable floating pigs is that they have a maddening tendency to float off into the night sky. Check it out:

Personally, I loved Waters’ reaction. As he watched his inflatable animal drift away, he simply said “That’s my pig.”

At least they found the pig and a couple of lucky homeowners will be getting an unexpected economic boon. The remnants of the pig landed on two people’s property. They will split the $10,000 reward for the return of the pig. It turns out finding Roger Waters’ pig is better than the Bush economic stimulus package.

Why can’t I ever find Roger Waters’ pig?


P.S. The next post will be about the train wreck that passed for a legitimate interview in the No Spin Zone this evening. In case you missed it, BillO interviewed Senator Clinton this morning and showed clips of the interview on his show. In a desperate attempt to boost his ratings, BillO decided to only show 15 minutes (plus commercials) of his interview with Hillary Clinton this evening. The rest of the interview will presumably air tomorrow. The rest of the show was dedicated to analysis of the interview from the likes of Dennis Miller. Ugh. Stay tuned, if you can stomach it.


Wharf Rat said...

That's why I saw Pink Floyd at the Carrier Dome. Nothing escapes the Dome! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

American Girl said...

I hate when I don't find Roger Waters' pig, too.

To view Fox up here, I'd have to pay a premium. While I certainly miss those crazies, no way, no how will I pony up additional cash to to see what they are up to so I appreciate you keeping me posted on O'Reilly and Clinton.