Saturday, March 1, 2008

Worst decision since those recruiting violations

Southern Methodist University, home of the Mustangs, recently accepted the rather dubious honor of hosting W.’s Presidential Library. This comes, of course, over the objections of the faculty and alumni. The president wants to raise $200 million, possibly even from his good friends in Saudi Arabia, to erect a lasting monument to his service as president. I really don’t see the point. The disaster of the last seven years has been permanently etched into my brain. I guess the rationale is that we need to leave a primer to future generations on how NOT to run a country.

There are two problems going on here. The first is that our fearless leader is too afraid to disclose where exactly the money is coming from. Watch it:

With all due respect (both modicums) Mr. President, the appropriate response to an informal freedom of information request is not, “nice try." How do we know that you and your team are not soliciting donations in return for your good graces and favors during the rest of your lame duck term?

The second problem is that, thanks to a law that was passed by congress an executive order that W. signed in those scary days after 9/11, W.’s library might not even contain all of the records of his presidency. Oh, and guess which one of our favorite unemployed Bushites is advising on this thing. So much for leaving a legacy for our posterity from which to learn.

Oh, and that $200 million. here is a partial list of what that amount could cover:

Efforts to clean up brownfields in Connecticut
Projected deficit in foreign aid created by increases in food prices
The costs of new school construction in Santa Ana, Calif., thus leaving no child behind
Damage to Ecuadorian crops caused by flooding
All of the new development in Niagara Falls last year
Bangelina's Prenup

At least SMU has a heckuva football team…

Maybe this will set precedent at SMU: the athletics department could redact all of those football records since the 1988 season.

Remember 9-11-01 and plan for 1-20-09.


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