Saturday, March 29, 2008

Toughest job in Washington

Dana Perino must have the toughest job in D.C. these days. On Easter Sunday, April 23, four more U.S. soldiers died in Iraq. That attack brought the death toll up to an even 4,000, which seems to have been when the MSM started focusing on the war again.

Not to worry, though. Our Fearless Leader's was on the job the very next day making sure all was well on the homefront. Errr.... Okay he was busy hosting the annual Easter Egg roll.

photo borrowed from Britain's Telegraph.

In fairness, the 2008 Easter Egg roll was dedicated to ocean conservation. Later in the day, he did manage pop over to the State Department. In fact, here's how the President spent the rest of the week.

So while the Commander in Chief was having a good day last week, here's how press secretary Dana Perino's day went:

I can't identify the male reporter asking questions, but the female voice is Helen Thomas. Never one to shy away from calling "bullshite", her questions and comments seem to make Perino more and more frustrated as the press conference drags on. The Washington Press Corps won't be the same when she finally retires.

Thanks to TPM and C&L for the stories initially.



American Girl said...

Did Bush manage to screw up the Easter Egg Roll? He does have an uncanny ability to make good things bad and bad things worse.

Chris said...

I don't think he managed to botch it up too badly. In any case, I think the bunny would have made a better president.

Thanks for checking the site out.