Tuesday, March 4, 2008

This takes the (urinal) cake

Much as I wish this photo is a joke, sadly it is very real:

What you are looking at is a make-shift filing room for reporters covering Hillary Clinton's campaign. This is actually a locker room at a "sports facility" in Texas where the Senator was speaking Monday evening. I will dispense with the bathroom humor, mostly because the other bloggers and news sites have beaten me to it. Some of my favorites are here, here, and especially this one from (I'm not kidding) LiveLeak.com.

Here is a quote from a mortified traveling press secretary:
The Clinton campaign staff was mortified and apologetic. ``I'm so sorry -- I LOVE you guys!'' said the traveling press coordinator, Jamie Smith, who is normally exceptionally efficient at dealing with the logistical needs of the traveling press corps. Apparently, the locker room was the only room available at the Burger Activity Center -- and the campaign had no idea it doubled as a boy's bathroom, she said.
I thought the urinals would have been a dead give-away.

One of the unspoken rules of dealing with the press is that you do not piss off irritate people who buy ink by the barrel. This is especially true after you have leveled charges of bias against them.


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