Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So that's what it sounds like

This is just a quick update to yesterday's post concerning the website wikileaks.

The site is back up and running. You can access it here now. It seems that they have numerous backup sites and the site is also accessible from foreign addresses such as wikileaks.de and wikileaks.be. As they point out, these backups are necessary to circumvent censorship efforts. They just really never expected to have to protect themselves from domestic censorship.

Happily, the site is planning to increase its activity in light of this intrusion on free speech. Kudos. The main story currently regards the bank records that led to the shutdown in the first place. Gee. I hope the damaging records don't get out now.

"The horse got out of the barn! Quick! Close the door so the horse doesn't get out!"

Much thanks to De Warf Rat and POAC for the info.


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